15 Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Garden (2024)

Get your garden ready for autumn with these enchanting outdoor fall decor ideas that are easy to put together. These fall projects will set the mood and add amazing aesthetics to your outdoor space.

Here is the list of outdoor fall decors including garland, wreath, gourds, lantern, window box, and more!

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Best Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas Anyone Can Recreate

1. Corn Garland

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If you're looking for easy and budget-friendly decor, a corn garland is perfect for you. This fall project requires few materials including corn, rope, some twine, and voila! You're ready for autumn!

Indian or flint corns are fall favorites because they provide festive colors to your front door. If Indian corns are not available, regular dried corns will also work well in adding subtle fall color to your decor.

2. Pumpkin Planter

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Pumpkins or gourds are classic fall elements. Carving and using them as charming planters will add fall vibes to any setting. Colorful mums along with purple aster will look perfect in pumpkin planters.

You can also plant beautiful succulents in your pumpkin planters to create a lovely fall-inspired succulent garden.

3. Fall Leaf Wreath

Create a simple fall decor using preserved oak leaves and a grapevine wreath. This is easy and very quick to put together, and will surely give your porch a welcoming festive look.

Adding a few red and orange flower accents and some burlaps to your fall leaf wreath will make it more eye-catching.

4. Scarecrow Mailbox

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Turn the boring mailbox into a fun and charming spot in your front yard. Place a scarecrow beside your mailbox and add pumpkins, varieties of fall flowers, and bales of hay for that farmhouse look.

You can use old clothes and plaid fabrics to dress your scarecrow.

5. Wheelbarrow Fall Display

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Bring an old wheelbarrow back to life and make a rustic fall garden display out of it. A layer of autumn leaves and a pile of pumpkins or gourds in different sizes and colors will look fabulous in it.

Setting up a fall planter is also a wonderful project to repurpose an old wheelbarrow. Just add potted plants such as fall aster, mums, and kale then add a few hays in random spots.

6. Fall-Inspired Porch


Fall is the best time to enjoy porch living. Give your porch a makeover for a nice spot to cozy up on a crisp fall morning. Adding plaid blankets and plush pillows on your porch bench or swing will do the trick!

To complete your fall-inspired porch, put more pumpkins and plants with autumn foliage in every corner, plus an outdoor light to add warmth to the fall aesthetics.

7. Fall Window Box


Fall window boxes can add a nice jazz to your front entrance. A lively combination of fall colors and textures is sure to impress your neighbors and guests all season long.

All you need to do is ready your window box and mix fall elements such as mums, kale, aster, ornamental cabbages, and yellow and red peppers, and small gourds.

Tip: Work with a color scheme to help you decide what theme to go for your fall window box design.

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8. DIY Fall Welcome Sign

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Create your own front porch fall sign using simple tools and materials you have at home. This way, you can add your personal touch and make it look exactly how you want it to be.

Both wood pallets and underlayment boards will work well as the base of this fall project. Paint and spice it up with cute designs such as autumn leaves, large blooms, and some twines.

9. Pumpkin Topiary


A pumpkin topiary is like the Christmas tree of the fall season. It's fun to make and easy to assemble. You can use either faux pumpkins or real ones if you have plenty of harvests.

Stack the pumpkins on a bucket or any other pot, then decorate it with lots of autumn favorites. Try using heirlooms of pumpkins to create a multi-colored display. A pop of golden sunflowers, red and orange fall leaves in between each pumpkin will complete this outdoor fall decor.

10. Fall Crate Display


A crate is a cost-effective way of decorating your outdoor space during the fall season. Grab a couple and arrange them until you get your desired structure.

Use these crates to display all your fall favorites, from baskets full of gourds and dried corn husk to potted mums. This fall decor is absolutely charming and functional all at once.

11. Fall Harvest Entrance

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This classic outdoor fall decor idea will take your entranceway to the next level. Load up your entranceway with an abundance of fall harvests such as gourds or pumpkins, flowers, dried corn husk, and cornstalks!

The more harvest displays, the merrier!

12. Rocking Chair Accent


There's no better way to spend a chilly fall morning than snuggling on a rocking chair! Aside from it being the best spot to relax, it also adds an extra spice to your fall aesthetic.

Add a plaid blanket and a cushion plus more gourds on the side. This fall decor will give your outdoor space an inviting ambiance throughout the season.

13. Metallic & Neutral Pumpkins

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If last year was all about orange and red, this time, try a neutral and metallic approach. Use spray paint and coat your pumpkins with white, silver-gray, copper, and metallic gold for a sophisticated look.

14. Fall Lanterns


For this fall decor, you'll need a metal lantern, a couple of miniature gourds, fall leaves, some glittered pine cones, decorative blooms such as sunflower, and burlap to tie a ribbon on top of the lantern.

Adding light strands inside the lantern will make it more whimsical and attractive.

15. Ladder Display


A ladder is another fall element that is easy to decorate. Repurpose your ladder and use it as a shelf for various pumpkins or a plant rack to display beautiful mums and other plants with festive seasonal shades.

Watch this video by Garden Answer on decorating a porch for fall:

I hope you like this collection of outdoor fall decor projects! Fall is the season of spiced apple cider, gourds, mums, hayrides, bonfire party, pumpkin treats, comfy PJs, football games, and so much more!

It's also the best time to get creative and decorate your living space with all your fall favorites. Get your fall decor inspiration from this list and make the most out of the season.

Which among these outdoor fall decor ideas is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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15 Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas To Freshen Up Your Garden (2024)
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