10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (2024)

Looking For Traditional German Christmas Cookies? We’ve Got Them!

For us, nothing says “the holidays are here” as a fresh batch of German Christmas cookies!

And from hard German Christmas cookies to soft cookies, classic Pfeffernüsseto Lebkuchen and butter cookies, there is definitely no shortage of great German Christmas cookie recipes!

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (1)

It’s no secret that Germans love their holiday cookies – and that we love traditional German cookies.

Not only was Lisa born and raised in Germany but we’ve been lucky enough to have traveled around Germany together around the holidays.

Experiencing the sights and smells of German Christmas Market food is awesome. Of course, tasting the delicious cookies – like Aachener Printen – that go along with the holidays is also a must!

There are so many different types of German Christmas cookies that you can make. It’s actually fascinating to see how German holiday cookies (and their recipes) differ by region or tradition.

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Some cookie recipes have a rich history about them because of the ingredients used. Lebkuchen comes to mind here as one of the most classic German Christmas recipes.

Some cookies obviously include traditional spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and anise, but not all of them.

Many of these traditional German Christmas cookies are relatively easy to make so you can make them in large batches and share share them with others.

Looking for more cookies for the holidays? Check out these European Christmas cookies!

German Butter Cookies (Butterplätzchen)

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German Butter Cookies – or Butterplätzchen – are a classic holiday cookie. With a golden outside and deliciously buttery inside, these simple cookies crumble away in your mouth.

Butter cookies are great to make with kids because you can decorate them however you like. You can also cut them into many different festive shapes such as stars or Christmas trees.

The simple glaze is a great addition to their sweetness but they are also delicious just as is!

Pfeffernüsse (German Spice Cookies)

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (4)

Pfeffernüsse – or German Spice Cookies – are another popular German holiday cookie. These tasty cookies are packed with fragrant spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ground pepper.

The nice thing about Pfeffernüsse is that they are really easy to make. You can also choose to give them a simple glaze or leave them plain.

Either way, spice cookies don’t last long on the holiday dessert plate!

Get The German Spice Cookies Recipe

German Gingerbread Cookies (Lebkuchen)

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If you’re looking for authentic German gingerbread cookies, you’ve got to make Lebkuchen. This specific type of gingerbread cookie is called Elisenlebkuchen – from the Nuremberg area.

These chewy and soft cookies are packed with nuts, candied citrus (orange and lemon), and are made with a homemade gingerbread spice mix.

Lebkuchen are dipped in chocolate or icing for the perfect, sweet topping!

Get The Lebkuchen Recipe

Linzer Cookies

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (6)

Looking to make cute little jam-filled sandwich cookies that are in all different shapes? You’re thinking about Linzer Cookies!

Made famous by Austria but also enjoyed in Germany and beyond, these classic holiday cookies are colorful and delicious.

Their crumbly, buttery texture is just one highlight – the layer of sweet jam or fruit preserves is the other! Red currant, raspberry, or apricot are popular choices for filling.

They are then topped off with a dusting of powdered sugar. So fun to make!

German Cinnamon Stars (Zimtsterne)

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (7)

These German Cinnamon Stars – called Zimtsterne in German – are another delicious holiday cookie due to their shape and taste.

Packed with ground almond and cinnamon, these holiday cookies are naturally gluten-free.

Cinnamon stars are sweet and chewy – and are perfect with or without their simple glaze! Another plus is that you don’t need many ingredients to make them.

Get The Zimtsterne Recipe

German Spritz Cookies (Spritzgebäck)

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (8)

German Spritz Cookies – or Spritzgebäck – are another really fun German holiday cookie. With lots of different shapes, you can definitely get creative with these cookies!

Spritzgebäck is made from an easy-to-make dough and can be dipped in melted chocolate for added sweetness and creativity.

These are another great German holiday cookie to make with kids because of the different shapes and the chocolate dipping part!

Get The German Spritz Cookie Recipe

Easy Coconut Macaroons (German-Style)

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (9)

Are macaroons a Christmas cookie? Not quite. However, these easy Coconut Macaroons are a classic German holiday “cookie-like” treat – so they get a mention!

Made from just four ingredients you likely have around the kitchen if you bake, these macaroons are loaded with delicious shredded coconut.

Chewy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside, these macaroons are perfectly sweet and smell of vanilla!

Get The Easy Coconut Macaroons Recipe

Vanilla Crescent Cookies (Vanillekipferl)

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (10)

Vanilla Crescent Cookies – also known as Vanillekipferl – are light and crumbly cookies that are easy to make and even easier to enjoy!

Even though they are technically from Austria, the classic vanilla cookie is enjoyed all over Germany during the holiday season.

Finished off with a nice dusting of icing sugar, vanilla crescent cookies are universally loved by all!

Get The Vanillekipferl Recipe

German Hazelnut Cookies (Haselnussmakronen)

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (11)

German Hazelnut Cookies – or Haselnussmakronen – are another German Christmas cookie that is unique in many ways.

Made from an egg-white meringue, these cookies are loaded with ground hazelnut. They end up light and airy yet chewy and nutty.

We like to make our Haselnussmakronen a little larger (so they are more like a cookie) but you can absolutely pipe them a little smaller to create more of a classic and light hazelnut macaron shape.

Get The German Hazelnut Cookie Recipe

German Oatmeal Cookies (Haferplätzchen)

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (12)

Last, but certainly not least, we have German Oatmeal Cookies. Known as Haferplätzchen in German, these delicious cookies are super easy to make and absolutely delicious.

Packed with oats and not that much sugar, these oatmeal cookies are filling and oh-so-satisfying around the holidays.

They go great with a hot beverage and are a well-loved addition to any holiday cookie plate.

Get The Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

These recipes don’t have any crazy fancy ingredients or tools used which means you can bake Christmas cookies without any added stress.

Have fun and let us know which holiday cookies you enjoy the most!

10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes] (2024)
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